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September 20, 2018

I can't think of a population more genetically prepared for high level lifting than the Pacific Islanders. This is a great look at the growth of lifting in Samoa.

September 18, 2018

I have always advocated short, intense workouts.  If you are spending much more than an hour in the weight room, you may be there for social reasons or doing unnecessary things. When we have those times in our lives when we are really crunched for time, it is good to k...

September 13, 2018

I love the fact that Weightlifting is a truly world wide sport. From East to West, North to South and on the islands of the sea, you find serous athletes who are trying to solve the problem of how to defeat gravity and elevate the most weight overhead. This is a nice f...

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August 19, 2019

August 7, 2019

April 11, 2019

April 11, 2019

January 31, 2019

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September 4, 2017

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