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September 4, 2017

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Mustang Strength and Conditioning Handbook Pt.4

November 13, 2017

 Power: developed in the weight room, displayed in competition




3 Day Program

  Day 1                                                      Day 2                                                             Day 3

Clean                                                    Snatch                                                          Hang Clean/Snatch

Back Squat                                          Front Squat                                                 Lunge

Push Press                                          Bench press                                                 Incline Press/Dips

Abdominals and Low Back work-------------------------------------------------------------------------------


4 Day Program

        Day 1                                 Day 2                              Day 3                               Day 4

Clean                                  Back Squat                       Snatch                            Front Squat

Clean Pulls                        Push Press                        Snatch Pulls                   Military Press

Pullups                              Bench Press                      Rows                               Incline Press/Dips

Abdominals and Low Back work-------------------------------------------------------------------------


5 Day Program

  Day 1                     Day 2                     Day 3                      Day 4                          Day 5

Clean                   Back Squat             Snatch                  Front Squat            Hang Clean/Snatch

Clean Pulls         Push Press           Snatch Pulls            Military Press         StepUps/Lunge      

Pullups                Bench Press          Rows                     Incline Press/Dips   Dumbell Press

Abdominal and Low Back work--------------------------------------------------------------------------


These are just samples. Don’t fall into the “cookbook” approach to training. There is no magic formula or recipe for effective training. Just understand and apply the basic principles and adapt to your situation.


Oliver Whaley, MVHS Class of 2004, 600 lb. for 8 reps


Variation of Volume and Intensity

It is vital to vary the volume (total reps)and intensity (load or amount of weight) over time to insure steady progress. Volume and Intensity are inverse. When volume is high, then intensity is low, and vice-versa.  This is called periodization of cycling. A typical cycle can last from 4-16 weeks. At MVHS our cycles typically last for 9 weeks. We begin with a high volume-low intensity phase and progress to a maximum effort high intensity, low volume phase. The MVHS periodization program looks like this:

Hypertrophy or Bodybuilding Phase- 4 sets of 8 reps (4 X 8) for 2-3 weeks

Basic Strength Phase-  5 sets of 5 reps (5 X 5) for 2-3 weeks

Power Phase-  6 sets of 3 reps (6 X 3) for 2-3 weeks

Maximum Efforts Phase- Pyramid descending reps (5-4-3-2-1….Max) for 1-2 weeks


Exercise Duration

Research from Eastern Block countries suggests that testosterone levels peak after about 45 minutes of physical activity, then decline. When possible workouts should take about 1 hour including warmups.  If you workout with sufficient focus and intensity you can get everything done in an hour or less. This allows for sufficient recovery between workouts. Two separate 1 hour workouts are more effective than a single 2 hour workout.


Train hard and recover



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