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Lifting Heavy Weights Does Not Make Women Masculine


Newsflash!! Men and women are different! Personally I am glad. It makes life much more interesting. With a few rare exceptions (beyond the scope of this post) men want to get big and strong, while women would prefer to get stronger, but not necessarily larger or more muscular. The beautiful thing about this is that the training is not much different for either purpose. Proper training makes men more masculine and women more feminine. This article is for the girls and women and also for the men who encourage them. If you are knowledgeable and experienced at all, this is probably old news to you. However in my classes I still have some girls who avoid working too hard for fear that they will become "masculine". This is absolutely false. Below is a short article that recently appeared on a national news site. It tells the truth, but I would recommend even heavier training than described. At the end of the post are a couple of video clips that make the same point well. So, ladies, if you want to feel great and look great; stick to heavy basic exercises and work hard.

First things first: lifting heavier weights will not turn you into the Incredible Hulk. In fact, lifting  heavier weights can actually lead to a smaller, stronger you. Sound like just what you're after? Here are two important reasons to ditch the two-pounders and grab heavier weights.

You'll lose weight faster: Who doesn't want to drop pounds the most efficient way possible? Healthy chef and trainer Katy Clark recommends this test: "Whatever weight you're bearing - if you're doing five pounds, if you're doing 10 pounds - if you're not tired by the end of the prescribed set, then you need to go a little bit heavier. If you are consistently doing that, you're going to see changes in your strength and in your muscle mass." More muscle mass equals more metabolism, so maximize your body's fat-burning potential by challenging your muscles with heavier weights.

You can reshape your body: Cardio may help you shed excess pounds, but it's the weights that will help you sculpt the strong, toned look you're going for. "You're not going to change the shape of your body [with cardio], you're just going to be exactly like you are but you'll be a smaller version," says trainer Tia Falcone, who helped Miss America lose over 50 pounds. "All your flaws will be the same, everything will just be smaller." She recommends doing at least four weight-training routines a week to sculpt and reshape your problem areas.

Bottom line: women need to stick to the basic foundational exercises and strive to use heavier weights. Do that and you will be pleased with the results.


 Strong is Beautiful


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