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Preparation is a Year Around Process


It is important to realize that total championship training requires consistent effort throughout the whole year.  The days of showing up for practice without preparation are long gone. Like a modern day warrior, we must prepare constantly for the battles ahead.



Every culture that survives has a warrior society of some sort that accepts the charge to protect and provide for their wives and children. Native American tribes almost universally had warrior societies along with many other societies world wide such as the Vikings, Samurai, Celts, Saxons, Gaels, Spartans, Huns,…..etc. These were men and women who dedicated themselves to being prepared to defend their homes against outside threats and to go forth and conquer their enemies. They developed and practiced the skills necessary to do so. Warrior skills were primarily physical as many types of weapons and fighting methods evolved.

The Navajos have survived here in this harsh high country desert for nearly 1,200 years. They not only survived the rugged environment, but also attacks from neighboring tribes, Spanish soldiers, and the U. S. Calvary. It is estimated that there are more Navajos living today than at any other time in history. Adversity did not decimate them, it strengthened them. However today they are facing a new enemy that is at least as deadly as the enemies of the past. This new enemy is relative prosperity and a sedentary lifestyle. Of course the Navajos are not alone in facing this enemy. There seems to be a worldwide attack on real manhood, motherhood, and physical strength.

Recent data from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the Navajo Tribe indicate a sharp rise in childhood obesity and the accompanying problems which include diabetes, low self-esteem, and heart disease. Here in the United States, the advent of No Child Left Behind and it’s reliance on standardized testing has increased the seat time for most school children and thereby decreased the activity or movement time, contributing to the obesity problem.

Despite recommendations from the Center for Disease Control, the United States Surgeon General’s office, and other public health organizations that children should have 60 minutes of physical activity daily, many schools are cutting back or eliminating physical education programs and recess.(Center for Disease Control and Prevention) This cutback in physical education programs along with the decreased opportunity for physical activity during the school day is spawning a nationwide increase in childhood obesity with all its attendant problems. Obesity and diabetes are reaching epidemic proportions.

You are growing up in a world where almost everything happens instantly. You pull up to a fast food drive-in and get your order right now. Need information? Get on the internet and you can access whatever you need instantly. Need to purchase something? Go online, press a few keys and it’ll be at your door in hours. “Welcome to the 21st century”, we say. It really is an exciting time to be alive.

Well, guess what; our bodies still function and thrive on the types of activity that our ancestors performed since the beginning of time. In spite of all of our technological advances, there is no short cut to physical fitness and strength. Our bodies still crave strenuous physical activity and in spite of the constant stream of infomercials and multi media advertising selling us the contrary, we still cannot get fit in “A few easy minutes a day” or from a bottle or jar of some secret formula.

True fitness and strength can only be won through consistent hard work over an extended period of time. It has always been that way and it always will be. As warriors we understand that. We are the last stronghold to preserve and promote this knowledge and attitude to future generations. When we train hard we are preparing in the same way that our ancestors did in order to pass their genes on to us. Wherever we are we are here because our ancestors were strong enough to survive. What will we pass on to our posterity? As always, it is the warriors who defend and perpetuate their culture. The future of the Navajo Nation is in your hands.


                               No child should be left on their behind.




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